Top 5 Tips the you’re new to the Wedding Photography Business

So you have decided that you want to follow your dreams and go down the path of starting up your very own photography business! Great. Go you! It’s a big step to get to here so be proud that you are following your dreams and focusing of the job you love. Thats brave!
Starting your photography business can be hard and if you are reading this you might be feeling a bit stuck or wondering where to start perhaps! Here are 5 tips to help you Grow your business and get started.

#1 You are not alone – Build yourself a Network. 

It may seem like you are alone in this big industry thats full of photographers who are now your competitors – but this isn’t the case and it has been one of the best lessons I have learnt in the last year. When I first started my photography business I was alone (in my head) . I figured all the other photographers around were my competition and that meant I couldn’t connect with them or ask them questions. This is totally wrong!
One of the nest things I have done for my business was connecting with other like minded people and building a network for myself. Yes the photography world can be pretty lonely but there is no need for it to be this way. There are TONNES of photographers who once were like you , starting out and they are more than willing to help you out. There are tonnes of groups online where you can connect with local and worldwide photographers and share your work, get feedback and support and makes connections within your industry! I have gotten so many referrals from other photographs I have connected with on Facebook (but never even met) . Build your network- reach out and make connections and who knows what might happen .

#2 Invest

When I say invest , I don’t mean equipment. I mean invest in educating yourself in your industry. Get your ass to some Workshops. There are so many great workshops around. I went to my first one last year and I learnt so so much. Mostly these workshop are run By Photographers For Photographers. They are speaking from experience, they are telling you how they got to where they are today and you can connect and be around so many new people in your industry! ~They are a great way of gaining so much knowledge!
I have learnt so much about topics from time management to editing to marketing and what works and what doesn’t! I know for a fact if I hadn’t gone to the workshops , I’d still be stuck in the same rut  of not knowing what to doing and feeling very lonely!


Taken @ The Feckin Workshop in Kerry

#3 Just Go Shoot

There have been loads of times that I have felt down and out because I hadn’t any work and when I didn’t have anything to shoot, I couldn’t get any clients and I felt really stuck! I’d have never gotten out of that rut! Instead I started contacting all my friends who were couples and asked them if I could photograph them. I contacted vendors and suppliers and asked them to set up some styled shoots. I contacted Venues and asked if I could photograph the grounds of their hotels. Pretty soon I had loads to shoot. Yeah they were free shoots but I always believed that what you give out, will come back. Its good Karma ! I had made contacts with so many suppliers, I had great content to post and people were starting to notice my work and my name was getting out there!
Don’t feel bad for doing a free shoot. Guess what? The last free shoot I did, I ended up shooting their wedding a year later! All because I had done that shoot! Do it! Get out, shoot, practice and build these relationships and connections ! You wont regret it!



#4 Be Consistent & Only Post what you Want to shoot

This is really important. Be consistent across your editing style, don’t have image look different. Having consistency will echo professionalism. The same when it comes to Marketing, You need to be consistent. Pick your numbers of posts and when you would like to post them and share the consistently across all social media platforms at the same time , EVERYTIME!

It is also very important to only post images that you are happy to shoot over and over again! What you advertise , you will attract. So if you don’t want to ever shoot a beach wedding- Do Not post any images of a beach wedding on your social media accounts! However if you want to shoot lets say.. People with tattoos or adventurous people then thats all you should display!


#5 Always Look after yourself

Yes. Yes, you heard me! Looking after yourself is #1.
Starting your business is hard, you probably have another job too and its hard to ,manage everything so remember that its okay to be working and building your business too but always take time out and just be present! It’s so important for your physical and mental heath. You will quickly burn out and get tired and loose your spark if you try burn the candle from both ends. Be patient, once you are consistent, everything will work out in a matter of time! Remember, your business don’t work , unless you do too!

Take time out, be with family , your friends and loved ones. And don’t forget to exercise and be on nature- its good for the soul!


I hope you found this helpful and it gives you some helpful insights into getting started! Keep moving forward towards your dreams!

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