The SHINDIG Gathering - Irelands Very First Boutique Networking Event for Photographers&Videographers. Our jobs are quite isolating and often we dont get much oppurtunity to connect with other like minded creatives and when we do, we very rarely can unwind and have a good long chit chat over a beer!
The SHINDIG Gathering is a two day event where you can connect, unwind, play beer pong , chill out in a hammock during the day , party by night or just hang out in the outdoor hot tub until you turn into a human prune! We can all learn from each other and through connection we can all inspire each other but this eliminates the workshop parts and brings to you a PARTTTTAAAAYYY!!! Because lets face it, we all love a good get together with a few beers and a friendly game of BEER PONG!
Immerse yourself into the mountains, switch off from everyday life and come to an intimate gathering full of fun, tomfoolery , antics and lots of CRAIC!
During the day, you can chill out in a hammock with a book, enjoy some relaxing chats in the hot tub, go for a forest walk or head up the mountains for a hike. The choice is YOURS. When the evening falls, the games begin , there will be lots of beer pong , DJ SETS, Crazy Competitions with awesome prizes , DRUMMING and much much more!!! Finishing off the Retreat with one HELL OF A PARTAAAAY!!!!
Everything is included : accommodation , food, entertainment... all I ask is you bring your own beer and your wildest self!


The Shindig Gathering takes place in the Elbow Room Escape, Wicklow. Set at the foothills in The Glen of Imaal, The Shindig promises to give you a luxury experience to remember.

This is your time to chillout, reconnect and make new friends in the industry.

Set on an acre of grounds with a variety of gardens, you will have no trouble reconnecting with nature again and get rid of all your stress.

View the Sugar Loaf from our outdoor deck, and you can enjoy walks from short strolls to mountain climbs. Or if that doesn't work, you can chill out in a hammock or hang out inside in our chill out rooms.