Fairytale City Elopement – Glasgow City, Scotland

Colin & Deborah



You know sometimes, you are in the right place , at the right time and for all the right reasons. I was fortunate enough to have my friends at Honey&theMoon Photography recommend me Deborah to shoot her Wedding. One of the best things in my job is a referral, a recommendation because that means I am doing the right thing, the good thing and people are happy , but being recommended by two incredible photographers was a seriously epic way to kick of this wedding.

From the second I started talking to Deborah, I knew straight away we would be forever friends. She opened up straight away, allowing me into her life and we got to know each other and this means the world to me. She firstly  spoke about eloping from Belfast to Clare to marry Big C, Colin. We had spoke about everything only one day , there was a twist. Colin + Deborah had got tickets to go see one of the favourite bands in Glasgow and decided to try get married the very same day.

After a few phone calls and a few weeks waiting to hear from Glasgow City Hall , the stars aligned & fate so had it that there was an opening the very same day for them to get married. Everything worked out exactly how it was meant to. So we booked our tickets and we heading on a trip to Glasgow. This Wedding was a special one for me, special because it was one the very first Destination weddings for me in my career where I’d travel out of the country for a wedding, a notch on my career bucket list so proudly ticked off and no better people to help doing that than these guys. Equally, it was the very first wedding where I got to work and be with Paula (The good Fiance & Backbone of everything I thrive to do in business). I had mentioned to Deborah that we usually always fly this same weekend and she welcomed Paula with open arms and I am so grateful that you guys allowed us both to be part of your day! It meant and still means so much!

But listen to the best part… Colin and Deborah’s Wedding date was one to truly celebrate – There Wedding , My first Destination Wedding, Paula’s Birthday and Our 4th Anniversary . What a day to be alive right? Talk about it being the BEST DAY EVER!!!

Colin + Deborah were joined by their great friends Peter & Jaq, two of the most beautiful humans I’ve ever met. We spent the morning laughing and joking and chatting about everything and anything , until it was time to get down o Glasgow City Hall where the ceremony was. So in the company of their great humans, Colin & Deborah said their ‘I do’s” in spectacularly aromatic fashion- bringing a tear to all our eyes (especially Pete- Sorry Pete) :P. We then headed out into the city and strolled around, stopping along the coolest spots on Glasgow to take some epic urban shots, eventually Thanks to Pete , we bragged our way onto the MerryGoRound .. Because no wedding day is complete without a ride on the MerrygoRound. We finished off an wonderful day with some afternoon tea and honestly saying goodbye to these 4 absolute diamonds was like saying goodbye to family! This will always be one of the best and most rewarding parts of my job. I speak about it always. Connecting. Creating friendships & not having clients but friends who will remain that forever, Long after the wedding day!

Thank you so much guys- Legends! <3

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