Intimate Wedding Story

Colm & Nicole

Castle Oaks House Hotel

Colm + Nicole contacted me all the way from Newcastle and from the very first interaction I could see the love they shared for each other!

After a few weeks of Skype calls + Emails , I finally got to meet them face to face as we headed straight for an Adventure session on the Cliffs of Moher. We had the best fun and I knew then that their Wedding Day would be seriously awesome !

Colm + Nicole gathered their closest family and friends to a very special and intimate ceremony at the Castle Oaks House Hotel. It was one of the most intimate and romantic day and it was filled with so much love and happy vibes! They had planned on an outdoor ceremony but the typical Irish Weather stood in the way, but that didn’t upset them at all, in fact I don’t think anything would have! Colm + Nicole were the most awesome couple!

Why ? Well, from the moment I met them , I was their friend. A really close friend. I had their full trust.  The care and love that I have received from both Colm and Nicole was really inspiring. We connected from the get go. The connection between them is really special.  Two hearts that beat at the same pace, which is why this was one of the most special weddings I had the pleasure to be involved in!


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