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They say to elope to half way across the world to elope , a couple must have a certain sense of adventure. MaryBeth & Ravi oozed that sense of adventure. From the minute I read their first inquiry, I could tell that this couple loved life, loved adventure and loved to travel. Travelling all the way from Nova Scotia, Canada exactly two days after their first email to me, MaryBeth & Ravi had touched down in Ireland and after a few emails back and forth, we had a whole elopement adventure planned for them. MaryBeth, a nurse and Ravi, a physician worked really hard in Canada. Their jobs, both quite demanding meant that any mutual time off , they were jumping on the first plan to anywhere they could. They decide that along the West Coast of Ireland would be the perfect place to say their vows and start their married life together. Who can blame them really?

From the second, I met MaryBeth and Ravi in person, I knew that we would have the best day ever. They had a great sense of excitement and spontaneity about them, ready to take on  the elements and explore the rugged, magical coast line by the Cliffs of Moher. We started off the adventure with an intimate exchange of Vows, in an old Abbey and following that we toured from Ballyvaughan , all the way along the Coast to reach the Cliffs of Moher.

The day exposed us to many elements, rain, wind , sunshine, a little more rain, a lot more wind but it wasn’t until we reached the Cliffs of Moher that we felt the real severity of how windy the day was. What I loved most about Ravi & Mary Beth was that they just weren’t phased, they were totally and utterly carried away in the incredible love they had for each other and the sheer excitement of the adventure that was unfolding throughout the day in front of them. The wind was ferocious, at times I found it hard to steady myself , but like two teenagers in love, they weren’t bothered. At one point, MaryBeth kicked off her shoes, walked barefoot and literally didnt bate an eyelid. If anyone should get Adventure Bride of the Year, its MaryBeth. That was some kickass epicness right there.

I actually find it incredibly inspiring to witness love and adventure go hand in hand. Eloping isn’t for everyone, but getting to witness two people who are crazy, madly in love with each other enjoy their wedding, take it all in and soak up every single moment together, is genuinely incredible to witness and even more incredible to document. Life, is pretty much exactly what this day was, yes there are bad days, crazy experiences and stuff that will shake you up, but when you have someone to share this crazy adventure with, who will hold your hand and support you and who will hug you close- then life is pretty much one big adventure worth exploring!

Check out this Crazy, Wild & Romantic Cliffs of Moher Elopement :


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