2017- What can I possibly say! What A YEAR! Honestly, I have tried to put this year into words so many times and I have failed miserably to properly express how incredible it has been for me! This past year I have pumped 200% of myself into my business, into its growth and I decided early on that I was going to be relentless in the pursuit of my dreams- the dreams to capture as many love stories as I could! And I have genuinely been so blessed and I will be forever grateful for every single couple who has chosen to work with me! You have literally no idea how grateful I am to you all- without you, without your trust, your commitment and your support, I would not be able to live a life and work in a job that I so absolutely adore! THANK YOU! 

I have been witness to so much love, laughter and kindness this year and trust me when I say, its truly humbling to be witness and to share such a special day in the lives of all my couples! The world is a much better place, when you share it and connect with so many incredible humans!

So from the very bottom of my heart THANK YOU so much, I am grateful beyond measure for all the friendships, all the laughter, all the love and support. And far beyond any words that I can say to try & express how blessed I am, you are all my Heros!

Here’s to an Amazing 2018.Its gonna be a cracker! <3

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